Welcome to the original Flying Dress Photoshoots on Hilton Head Island.

It all began with a friend gifting me a DSLR camera right before I left the US and began working and traveling abroad over a decade ago—in all, I visited over 30 countries, and my favorite way to capture those exquisite memories was through photography. My passion for photography has since continued!

One place utterly changed my life—the beautiful Greek island of Santorini! I was intrigued to hear about an amazing photographic experience where I could wear a beautiful dress with a long train that flew in the wind, whilst capturing the indescribable beauty of Santorini in a new and unexpected way. Curious, I signed up for a photo shoot, and this became one of the great experiences and one of the most treasured memories of my life. I loved the beauty of the pictures and how it provided a unique experience which was unlike anything I had ever done.

When I returned home to the stunning beauty of our own breathtaking island, I knew I wanted to provide this same unforgettable experience for those who visit Hilton Head, which is South Carolina’s most luxurious beach destination. To capture these beautiful and dramatic seaside portraits, we treat our clients to a world-class photography session in the most vividly elegant flying dresses custom-made and imported from Europe. You will have a memento that lasts a lifetime while seeing yourself dressed in exquisite beauty surrounded by gorgeous panoramic views. So don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself to this unique and glamorous photo shoot experience on Hilton Head Island while capturing the beauty of this scenic island!

Although I specialize in this unique type of photography, I absolutely love capturing other special moments as well so feel free preview my portfolio.

Susannah Myburgh

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