How does the dress fly?

Depending on the location and the weather that day, the dress may be carried naturally by the wind but it is not guaranteed. Therefore, as part of your package, we provide an assistant to ensure that they can help make the dress fly dramatically and beautifully as needed.

What dress sizes do you have?

I have dresses sizes from XS - 6XL in most colors.

Can I add a person to my photoshoot?

Yes, if the person or people do not need a flying dress, they can join you for free. If they need a dress there is an additional $99 charge per person who requires a flying dress. Your time slot will stay the same if you book the photoshoot together.

Who can do this type of photoshoot?

This photoshoot is great for all ages! We set it up so that it is great for couples, an individual, groups of friends, or even a mom with her children and/or spouse.

Are there any special add-ons for a special event?

Yes, if you or a loved one is celebrating a special event unique complimentary props will be included if you choose to use them in your photoshoots.

Can we do a group photoshoot?

Yes, but everyone in the group will need to choose a different color dress for it to work. Request a customized quote for groups.

Can I share my ideas with the photographer?

Absolutely! I encourage clients to share their ideas and preferences for their photography session by sending out a questionnaire to them before the photoshoot. We want your photos to reflect your personality and style, so we are happy to accommodate specific requests as much as possible. You are welcome to wear sunglasses, hat, graduation cap or any other props you may want to include.

Do you offer destination flying dress services?

Yes, we offer destination photography services for clients who want to capture their special flying dress photoshoot in a unique location. If you would like to have your flying dress photoshoot in a location other than Hilton Head, please contact us to discuss your desired destination and we will provide you with a personalized quote.